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Handpicked brands and objects converging the distinctive, indie and modern.

Our Story

by Amish Behl 14 Sep 2018

Definitely Curry is an online magazine exploring the incredible, new paths young Indian creators are taking, with their thoughtfully crafted brands and objects.

At Definitely Curry, we bring you a carefully handpicked selection of Made in India that converges the distinctive, indie and modern. We are obsessed with all things Indian and tangible. We are as excited about fashion as we are about clay pottery or wooden artefacts. For us, what connects them is the delight of detail and the way they stimulate our senses of touch and sight.

We know that there is too much choice and too little time, so we focus on covering only the most interesting, remarkable and unique. And we know that buying online means missing out on getting an actual feel of the products, so we always go hands-on with everything we review or talk about.

Amish Behl, Founder


“In my constant search for things that embodied an ethos I could relate to, I would often draw a blank with options when it came to actually buying something with character. It seemed like a concept reserved for stereotypical luxury brands. This was until I saw things changing close to home.

All it took was buying a pair of raw denim jeans from a boutique, handmade Indian manufacturer. It got me looking around for more evidence to validate my theory; that there was a growing small-brand economy knocking at our door, challenging our obsession with big names and bling. It was an inspiring scenario where many Indian brands, with a clear reason-to-be, were displaying a heightened appreciation of design, detail and quality.

Working at a fast-paced consulting firm for almost a decade fed my enthusiasm for analysis and solving problems. But the creative side of me wanted to dive into the nitty-gritty and write about things that had soul and meaning.

It was when I knew I wanted to build a platform for the creative community in India that is doing such fabulous work. So I decided to go all-in to change the way we discover, perceive and consume Made in India.”

PS: We get asked sometimes, why Definitely Curry? When we were brainstorming about what could encapsulate the category of ‘Indian-made things’, we went online to see what came to people’s mind when they thought about India. A redditor started his answer with “Definitely curry, and …” which resonated so much — a lovingly made blend of ingredients that is Indian at heart. It just clicked. And that’s when Definitely Curry got cooking!