Reviewing Custom Made Raw Selvedge Denim Made in India by Korra Jeans (Top indie brand for fashion clothing from Delhi, India)

Review Living With Korra’s Raw Denim, Selvedge Jeans

Putting your own fade on custom-made, selvedge denim jeans is a massively cool experience.

by Amish Behl

Korra jeans was my point of entry into the universe of exciting Made in India things with a modern twist. It has since become the article without which my wardrobe would be incomplete.

In a nutshell

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. Everyone. So when I got the opportunity to have one custom-made out of raw, selvedge denim without breaking the bank, I didn’t pass on it. The good folks at Korra put a lot of heart into everything they push out, which was evident from the time I got measured till I received my jeans in the mail.

The little tweaks I got to make in the customisation process made them exactly what I needed — a versatile wardrobe staple like no other. I have since worn the heck of out them and I couldn’t be more pleased.

My custom Korra jeans: The basics

  • Denim type: 100% raw, selvedge denim
  • Material: 75% cotton, 25% Better Cotton Initiative cotton
  • Fit: Slim Straight
  • Colour: Dark Vintage

The full package

Korra aims to be a zero-waste brand, a taste of which I got when I was given their business card made with denim paper. The jeans came wrapped in leftover denim fabric that cannot be used in production, while literature about the product was printed on denim paper too, made from scraps picked up from the factory floor. The rustic packaging was a treat.

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Korra Jeans Denim Product Packaging - Minimalist and sustainable using natural materials - indie brand packaging ideas

First impressions

On opening the package, the first thing that jumps out is the rich natural indigo. The jeans feel solid and you can tell that a lot of care went into making them. Raw denim with solid brass buttons and rivets feels very purpose built, like it could take a beating for a long time. Korra believes that too and says you need to buy one pair, not many. They even offer a repair service, true to their sustainability philosophy. How many brands do we know nowadays that ask us to consume less?

Read our introduction to the brand here.

How many brands do we know nowadays that ask us to consume less? Korra is one of them.

The best part about living with a pair of custom, selvedge denims

Because of how it is all put together, these jeans feel like a tough, everyday tool more than a fashionable article of clothing. The fact that that makes them fashionable is incidental. This is how I feel about them.

The heaviness and strength of selvedge denim means the fit around your body is really good. I hadn’t worn selvedge before I bought from Korra and it felt like I had missed out. The fit it gives you is really smart and since there’s no fade, it is very very versatile. I have dressed it up like I couldn’t with chinos and worn it casually on holiday and to work. It takes anything I throw at it.

As it is unwashed at the time of purchase, I get to fade it my way. Because of this, my jeans are individual and unique, showing the miles, scars and stresses of everything I have put them through. They tell a story.

Korra Jeans Custom made in India Raw Selvedge Denim from an indie brand


The pair I bought is priced at 4,900. (See Buying section below for more details)

This is definitely more than what we’d pay at popular brands we otherwise buy from. But Korra is quite different from them, if you consider everything I’ve experienced and written about. Starting right from the material to the fact that each pair you order is custom made for you by a single tailor. Add the premiums that come with all natural materials and their outlook on sustainability, and it starts to feel appropriate.

Discussion on value is always subjective. But we sometimes do forget about the components that go into making the price what it is. If you’re otherwise inclined towards Korra, just think about this — if you like the qualities of selvedge and the longevity it has, can you find something elsewhere for 5000 bucks? Will it outlast 2 or 3 pairs made with different materials and levels of craftsmanship?


Korra is relaunching in a new avatar where they will regularly be doing pop-ups across India as well as overseas. They do not intend to have any physical stores. Details on upcoming pop-ups here.

You can also buy online on their website (Click here).

Sizing with selvedge denim can be a little tricky. It also wears in and loosens differently. So it is recommended to visit one of the pop-ups or head to their workshop in Okhla, New Delhi to get measured for the fit you’re looking for. And if you want to get more nerdy about it, check out this video.

Their jeans for men are priced between ₹4,900 – ₹6,900. Jeans for women are priced between ₹2,900 – ₹6,900. Korra also have jackets and skirts in denim. Denim jackets and blazers for men and women are priced between ₹3,900 – ₹8,900. Denim skirts for women are priced between ₹3,900 – ₹6,900.

Summing up

I recommend Korra jeans very highly. The overall quality and experience got me to convince my wife to get one as well. She’s happy too and says she could see herself wearing them for the next 10 years. I feel they are among the best custom-made jeans you can find in India, especially given their price point.

Apart from the great product they make, what they stand for and represent is so refreshing. Going all natural, sustainable, taking it slow, focusing on the details and doing it right. And, of course, buying from them means supporting an indie brand from India. So when crowded mall shelves get to you and you want to go back to something more traditional, look for a Korra pop-up near you.

Who’s it for: One who wants well made raw denim that will really last.

What’s different: Usage of selvedge denim, which is very old-school.

Best thing about it: I know who made my jeans.

One thing I’d change: Drawing a blank here, honestly, but I’m told their buttons could be a point of vulnerability as they do not use any synthetic glues, aligned to their ethos of using natural materials only. I have personally not faced a problem so far.

Shyam Sukhramani, founder of Korra taking client measurements for custom selvedge jeans

Shyam Sukhramani (R), founder of Korra, in his element with a customer, talking through fit and measurements.

Buying experience

I ordered my jeans at their store in DLF Place, Saket, Delhi that is now closed. Henceforth, they do not intend to have any physical stores and will regularly be doing pop-ups across the country as well as overseas. Details on upcoming pop-ups here.

You can also buy online on their website

I think I got a little lucky that Shyam Sukhramani, founder, was at the store when I visited to help me with the process. He understood what I was looking for and proposed a few changes to the Slim Straight I liked. Patiently folding and holding the jeans to represent what my custom fit would look like, Shyam took the time to make me feel confident about how it would turn out. He also stressed on little factors like impact on comfort due to the changes being made and how this fit would work in different settings. Korra has a horizontal stitch detail on the back pockets that I didn’t want. They were happy to make that customisation too.

The entire process was quite enjoyable. It was like slow-life as Shyam patiently took measurements, talked me through the process, clicked pictures and made sure everything was to my full satisfaction. The end result — fantastic.

How did you hear about Korra Jeans? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this story interesting or useful, please spread the indie brand goodness by sharing it!

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